Code liturgy refers to a set of coding practices or rituals that developers follow when creating or maintaining code. It could be a set of guidelines or best practices that help ensure the quality and integrity of the code.

Developers can mix and blend their knowledge to create the perfect code post, we believe that coding is a culinary art - it requires the right ingredients, the perfect balance of structure and creativity, and a dash of experimentation to truly thrive. Just like a chef in a kitchen, we encourage developers to try new techniques, test out different approaches, and most importantly, share their creations with the community whether you're a seasoned code chef or just starting out in the kitchen.

The platform

Code Liturgy is a publishing platform created by Rui Sousa. It supports the posting of articles using only Markdown and generates a table of contents automatically. It also has a full media management system for handling thumbnails for the articles. The platform is powered by an ASP.NET Core 7 API and SvelteKit in Server-Side Rendering mode. Recently, it was revamped to use SvelteKit instead of NextJS due to the ease of creating animations and performance gains that benefit our SEO score.